About Geothermal Wells LLC

  We are masters of 4EverHeatTM Deep Industrial Decarbonization, geothermal systems greater than 220 Degrees Celsius. Green Energy Supply 24/7, 365 days.

What we do and where we are

  GREEN BASELOAD ENERGY via the next geothermal systems. Deep industrial decarbonization now. Geothermal Wells LLC (GTW) is a team of business and technical experts who specialize in leveraging geothermal energy to meet the long-term power requirements of large industrial clients. We deliver customized heat and power solutions to meet our clients' unique needs.
  • GTW delivers contracted long term high heat MMBTU & MWe power directly at our clients' sites (no national or regional grid systems needed).
  • GTW's onsite direct heat & electrical energy provides green baseload power 24/7 for "Deep Industrial Decarbonization" currently using fossil fuels.
      Average Client's CO2 Reduction greater than 557 metric Tons (Lifecycle/installment).
  • GTW green power supply site imprint is less than 3 acres (12000 m2).
  • GTW energy pricing competes with most client's annual fossil fuel budgets.
  • GTW leverages "mature sub-economic" heat resources into geothermal reserves with an EGS Technology by addressing many of the potential risks discussed in the public domain literature. We focus on heat resources located within a 12 KM radius.
  • GTW designs and implements green energy supply up to 28 years life cycle.